Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Red Tide

Hey guys,so the other day I played a game of Bolt Action against my my mate. It was my Russian horde verses his German WaffenSS force. The game had it's moments and as all games do, it had its crappy dice roles (most of which were from me). In the end, there weren't many Germans left, to say the least, and the SMG gunners that I thought would be my downfall turned out to be the guys who did the most killing, either because they were good, or because my other guys couldn't shoot straight, but more than likely both.

My starting Russian force. All my men are just regulars including the sailors. One of the main advantages to the Russian army are the amount of SMGs they can have, short range but deadly.
The starting German WaffenSS force (with some paratrooper reinforcements). One of the big advantages of any German army is that their LMGs are better in their rate of fire.

 The German MMG waits for the Russians to appear. Just chillin.
Then they appear, OPEN FIRE!
The remainder of the German paratroopers run for their life as the rest of their squad was ambushed and gunned down.
(BTW, they didn't make it either)
The Russians hide at the end of the road for the Germans who believe they are bullet prove and don't need cover. Didn't help me though, I just can't shhot straight.
The machine gun keeps firing, but they never had enough bullets. Though they did manage to kill the 2nd Lt and his body guard.  

In the end, it was a close game. The Russians winning with a minor victory. There was still a lot of blood spilled, from both sides of the battle field. The snipers and mortars of both sides aren't even worth a mention, mainly because they couldn't hit the side of a barn.

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